IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Programs

Our IPM Program for Ornamental Trees & Shrubs is a preventative plan designed to nourish and protect your plants health.  Our program includes fertilization, insect control applications and disease control applications for ornamental trees and shrubs, perennials, vines and container gardens.  We have incorporated a blight preventative for Boxwoods and other susceptible plants due to the spread of Boxwood Blight.  The program also offers weed control with pre and post emergent applications in landscaped beds.  Visits are scheduled throughout the seasons to monitor the landscape based on the clients request and/or recommendations.  Additional applications may be required during the year to control problematic insects or diseases that may appear.

Our Rose Program is a separate program we offer for care of Roses.  This program requires more frequent IPM applications and fertilizations.  As with our IPM Program, our Rose Program is designed as a preventative program to nourish and protect the health of your Roses.  The Rose Program includes a systemic and topical fungicide in addition to an insecticide with each application.

  • IPM for Ornamental Trees & Shrubs
  • IPM for Roses
  • IPM for Boxwoods (Boxwood Blight Preventative)